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Hi I’m Manda, the sole creator and artist of the works that make up sea designs.

Since I can remember, I always felt at home when I was surrounded by nature. Textures, colors, smells, shapes, sounds, the simpleness & the perfectness that everything in nature beholds. The simple things in life are definitely the best. Nature nourishes thy soul.

Living at Point Hicks Lighthouse for over 10 years, I spent many hours combing the beaches -a beachcombers dream! After I moved on from the lighthouse, inland to the mountains, I needed some reminders of the beautiful world that I had been lucky enough to be part of for so long. I threw a few things together, some driftwood, shells, some of my Pa’s old fishing line, sea glass & whatever else I had in my collection. Soon my place was looking like, a beach house in the mountains. That’s how it started.

I have great respect for our environment & try to leave as small a footprint as I can.  I believe it all starts from home. I utilise recycled materials like rusty wire, tin &, rio, copper, old lamp shades, wood, paper and bottles etc. If I can save something from landfill I will. Picking up rubbish everywhere I go is part of what I do in return for what nature provides, for me & all of us.

Rusty barbed wire balls & candelabras, driftwood & sea glass chandeliers. Sea grass Balls & driftwood mobiles, box framed, shells, driftwood, fossils & birds’ nests, recycled music book cards, rusty wire baskets are just some of the creations I make.

I have a passion for exploring the beautiful beaches, rivers, forests & wild places of  East Gippsland & beyond. This is where I get my inspiration.

In the past my work has been selling in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula galleries, home wares shops and interior designers. Recently I have decided to  bring my art home, to where it belongs.  Back to its roots in East Gippsland Victoria.